Monday, April 29, 2013

Y for "Yoga Mudrasana"

This blog post is written as part of A to Z Challenge. This involves the challenge of a blog post on a topic starting with an alphabet on each day through the entire month of April excluding Sundays starting from A to Z. My simple posts will be themed after Yoga postures with my own creations as images.

Yoga Mudrasana is the perfect symbol of yoga, or union. One shall find this to be a very powerful practice for internalizing the consciousness. The spine is stretched, providing a great release of tension particularly in the lumbar and cervical areas, while at the same time providing a toning effect upon the spinal nerves. The intra-abdominal pressure gives a great massage to the abdominal organs and helps stimulate peristalsis, while the position of the hands locked behind the back helps to open up the chest and expand the breathing capacity.

Disclaimer: Yoga creates simple to complex impacts on the physical body. Make sure you consult your doctor and start the practice with a trained teacher.

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