Saturday, April 13, 2013

L for "Lolasana"

This blog post is written as part of A to Z Challenge. This involves the challenge of a blog post on a topic starting with an alphabet on each day through the entire month of April excluding Sundays starting from A to Z. My simple posts will be themed after Yoga postures with my own creations as images.

Lolasana (Pendant pose) helps to strengthen wrists, tone arms and develop abdominal muscles along with back muscles.

Read my earlier post on K for Kurmasana.

Disclaimer: Yoga creates simple to complex impacts on the physical body. Make sure you consult your doctor and start the practice with a trained teacher.


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    1. Feeling overwhelmed for the affection and encouragement. Thanks!!

  2. Rabbit's looking peaceful while doing yoga!

    Four Leaf Clover