Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A to Z - Thank you!!

An attempt that tried to turn a lazy blogger into a regular blogger!! On March 30, when I signed up, I was only 10% confident that I will see through the 30 days/ 26 alphabets challenge. But it was a very long time since I started something good and continued it for over a week.

How did the idea roll out?

Day -1: Thinking about various themes that I could pick for my blogging series. Initially thought of writing about various fitness concepts and their pros/cons.

Day 0: Was referring some book on yoga given by a yoga friend and decided to just stick to yoga and even kicked the idea of getting some soft clay to make a human figure/stick man do various asanas one by one and started listing all the asana names for A to Z. Left F, I, O, Q, W, X and Z blank in my list.

Day 1: The incredibly lazy fellow in me forgot about the soft clay and landed up unrolling by sketching pencils to see off the first day making a simple human figure.

Day 2: After being on some good mood, felt like making something goofy and came up with the idea of snake for Bhujangasana.

Day 3 onwards: In order to keep up with the innovation on Day 2, started off with some crazy idea every day. But some of the asana poistures were complicated that many did not interpret the pose correctly depending on the complex implementation I had. It also depends on the mood at which I start the work to get a simple/funny/complicated interpretation of an asana.

Overwhelming support:

Since around a dozen of bloggers in The Chennai Bloggers club and nearly 2000 bloggers around the world started off this challenge in April 1, 2013. I was worried about the visitors to my blog initially since people will be busy writing their own and reading hundreds of blog over the month. But even before the challenge started, I was determined to save time for the readers and thus came up with the image idea. Wanted to keep the reach far and wide and the sketch that I made everyday was also available in the AtoZ album of my facebook profile. There were lot of encouraging support and lot of personal messages urging me to make a calendar, book, e-book, wall portrait and lot of out of these sketches. I started from 0 and ended up with 8 followers on the list only during this challenge! 2 of them even nominated me for Leibster awards that I am yet to accept!

What next?

Though I have taken masks of different identities over the last 25 years, based on the different interests that I pursued, the first prominent identity used to be my urge towards arts while being at school and college. Used to sketch late nights during my lone stay as a paying guest in early days of Chennai life even after starting to work. It went on to hibernation for a long time and woke up once a while. Keeping the spark alive and turning it into a flame was tough. This challenge has managed to keep the flame alive for a worthy while. In order the sustain the flame and as a gift for my commitment to the A to Z challenge, ordered myself a shipment of some poster colors, brushes and pallette. Look forward towards the continuous support as I graduate from the Kindergarten of Black and White sketches to the elementary school of colors!!

You can follow all my art works in future in my arts blog, Rainbow by the night!


  1. As i have always said, you are wonderful with your hands. Bravo. I'm glad that you took up this challenge and continued the same till the end.

    Joy always,

  2. I go with Susan Bharani.. :D Your hands and the way in which you sketch the asanas are at it's creative best and spectacular.. :D Looking forward to read more creative posts from you in the days to come.. :)
    Keep Blogging.

  3. I'm planning to nominate you for a 3rd leibster award, when i get around to doing the post. Your efforts were amazing, congratulations. I agree with the book or calendar etc idea...