Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H for "Halasana"

This blog post is written as part of A to Z Challenge. This involves the challenge of a blog post on a topic starting with an alphabet on each day through the entire month of April excluding Sundays starting from A to Z. My simple posts will be themed after Yoga postures with my own creations as images.

Halasana (Plough pose) stretch the hamstrings, shoulders and spine. While it helps handling short term gastric troubles and digestion issues, also addresses long term issues like insomnia, sinus and infertility.

Read my earlier post on G for Garbha Pindasana.

Disclaimer: Yoga creates simple to complex impacts on the physical body. Make sure you consult your doctor and start the practice with a trained teacher.


  1. I'm just confused about which end is the head in that drawing...

    1. The hands are close to the head. :-)

      True that some of these poses cannot be interpreted very well unless some one knows the pose by name. Will use this as input for my future sketches.

  2. I think that sketch is a very creative representation, but I guess Suzanne is right about it being confusing.