Sunday, January 6, 2013

The curious of case of a Pressure cooker

During my first visit to the states 6 years ago, I had some one lending me an electric rice cooker. It just had 3 pieces and I had to wash 2. The rice container and the lid.

During my visit to the states last year, I stayed in a hotel and used a the large sauce pan to cook rice. It took a long time to cook. But still had just 2 pieces to wash. The pan and the lid.

This time, my mom and my sister insisted on carrying a pressure cooker with all necessary accessories - 8 pieces!!

To begin, how I packed it?

The lid and gasket together  between my sweaters and towel. (2/8)

The pan with 3 of my favorite T-shirts rolled in it. (3/8)

The rice vessel with my thermal wear tucked in it.(4/8)

The dhal vessel with my dry fit shirts. (5/8)

The cook rack and the top plate between my jeans pants. (7/8)

and the weight separately in the side zip. (8/8)

For the weight that this occupied, I compromised on some books and favorite T-shirts. :-(

The safe package was untouched during all my days in the hotel room and unpacked everything when I moved to an apartment.

Today with out any prior experience of handling any cooking in a pressure cooker, I successfully cooked rice in it. Not too dry and not too smashed either.. Yay!!

The pressure cooker did take less time than my sauce pan. But have 7 pieces left over to wash!!

My humble thought:

Time for cooking in a sauce pan             Time for cooking in a pressure cooker
                      +                               <                                 +
Time for washing a sauce pan                 Time for washing a pressure cooker.

What next?
The curious story of The Idly Paanai!!


  1. hahahaha..... but u know what, cooking rice in pan/rice cooker is faster, esp in US since there are no power outages at random times..You can also make sambar/rasam in the rice cooker, and idli as well[or in microwave if you have one in the apartment]

  2. Good observation - have to agree on this one