Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Dear Madam Amma,

My thanks from the deep heart in your commitment towards peace in (y)our (e)state of Tamil nadu. It has been evident from the beginning of your term how you reduced the noise across all corners of the state. First you silenced the excess noise created by the mixers and grinders early in the morning ensuring continuous unavailability of power across the state at all necessary instances. This also made sure that the noise pollution from the industries is also silenced.

The whole state of Tamilnadu was under the deep threat of violence to be caused Mulla Omar sitting in the north-west of corner of Afghanistan who got hurt by the wrong portrayal of the otherwise peace loving Talibans. Thanks for banning the movie Viswaroopam that was created with every ounce of planning to stir the third world war from the state of Tamilnadu in India.

Here are more ideas to curb violence and continue peace in our state:

1. In line with your vision to maintain peace in the state of Tamil nadu, we request you to pass an immediate ordinance under section 7A (amendment to include TV along with theatres). This will henceforth stop all News channels available for view in Tamil nadu to telecast any news that conveys people about the violence or attack across any country caused by people of any community so that it does not hurt the sentiments of that community or stir violence from other communities.

2. All news paper columns should be reviewed by the Home secretary of Tamilnadu to ensure that you can maintain (f)law in order.

There are Germans and there are Nazis. The Germans are a bunch of intelligent people who have made some big contributions to the world of science and industrial development. The whole world appreciate their intelligence and their struggle in reforming a country breaking walls in between. The Nazis were a bunch of mislead hooligans who call themselves of German origin by blood. In that analogy, there are Muslims and there are Talibans. PERIOD. Every educated person in the world knows the difference between both. So if you take care of educating the people in the state, the peace takes care of itself. You can send home even those 9000 police you have to maintain peace.

If 'activity' refers to a man and 'creativity' refers to a woman in the qualities of a human being, you just forced a Burka on the woman in the name of religion. Remember, even Islam leaves 'Burka' to the choice of a woman.


  1. The post could've been more than a rant, if the questions raised by Jayalalitha in her press meet (in this context) were answered / handled by you in this post!

    1. Exactly!! That was nothing more than a rant and I wrote this an hour after the press meet at 2 AM local time for me.