Sunday, March 3, 2013

Serene Sunday - Skype, Sun, Snow and Salad

*This post is part of The Chennai Bloggers Club's Serene Sunday series initiated to keep the spirit of blogging alive and challenging.*

My Sundays mostly would start of 4:55 AM to jump off the bed only to have my 5 AM alarm going off looooouud when I am in the middle of some active morning business in the washroom. I had been part of some physically active social life getting off for my early morning bicycle ride with my fellow buddies all the way to Mahabs, Kalpakkam or Pondy. Will be back home around noon for a cold shower (Do you even get to have cold shower at noon in Chennai??)  and then blow off some Sunday special like veg pulav or bisibele bath from my mom's kitchen to refill all the lost calories. The late evening is mostly filled with some beach bajji or Express Avenue window shopping or a Sathyam movie followed by Onion Rava dosa and Kasi halwa in ID!!.

As I dream of all that rolled under my blanket back here in Detroit, my phone goes off ringing as my sister calls from India at 9 AM on my Sunday morning today. Took some time off for the regular duties and logged on for some Skype video chatting with my sister and my entertaining niece, Shrutheka. With little talking to my sister, played some hide seek in the webcam with the little one as I still struggle to sort her character who is a sweet devil in action and an angel when still.

As the hunger starts mooting at around 11 AM, made some dosa and emptied the last spoon of vathakuzhambu that I got from India (rolling tears..). Spent some time window shopping on Amazon as the day gets better with some bright Sun out there. The still suggested cold temperature (-6 C) that I got myself out spending over 10 mins to dress up with 3 layers above the waist and 3 layers below.

Just that the day was sunny, but still had chill winds and uncleared pedestrians' pathway that had turned icy. Was thinking of a short run, but chose to walk crushing the snow instead of skidding on the ice. Picked some groceries from the Indian stores and a veggie delite salad from Subway walking back home thinking of what would I write here today. A late afternoon salad lunch and a short nap with Illayaraja music, I am awake again to write the post of my Serene Sunday.

Good morning India. Miss my Chennai Sunday.


  1. Awww... what a sweet post Bharani... :-))

  2. You seem to be missing home so much that there is a hint of it in every post I've read. When are you returning?

    Joy always,