Saturday, March 31, 2012

3 - Tripolar Disorder

Bound to the responsibility of saving the wallet of my friends and sanity of their valuable weekend, writing this quick review.

Was reluctantly reading all tweets and mixed reviews about the movie since the morning on Friday. But I always have a very open mind when I move into the theater.

The movie starts with Janani (Shruthi) rolling into her flashback of puppy love in school days with Ram (Dhanush). Cinematic romance scenes of the school days visibly shows the influence of Selvaraghavan in the sets or on the scripts which he corrected being the master at home before the story went on to the board exams - the actual shooting. Anirudh already treated the ears with his music album and sounds definitely promising in the back ground score with a unique scale. Siva Karthikeyan portrays the only entertaining part of the otherwise less used strong army of casting that includes Prabhu, Banupriya and Rohini. The chemistry between Ram and Janani looks so charming with overflowing romance at many instances making us go back and recall the gossips in many Tamil weeklies.

If you have already booked the tickets for your movie, stop reading here and read the rest after coming back from the movie.

All the good I felt about the movie stops here by the intermission a.k.a opportunity of escape.

I can bet that Dhanush has donned the highest number of psychopathic roles in Tamil. May be the wifey thought that it is the best that he can do and filled the second half with a lot of it - all under the name of Bipolar disorder. I am expecting a lot of objection from the segments of Hindu religious groups when two youngsters left loose by both families tie thaali in a pub among a bunch of boys and girls dancing with drinks. Ram tries to hide his disease from Janani with the help of his friend and the journey runs through the second half narrated with a bunch of scenes derived and modified from Selvaraghavan's other movies. The much awaited Kolaveri song comes and goes like many other dapaanguthu song by the drunk hero.

Dhanush needs no lesson to act as mentally ill and he does it well. Just that it comes too often disturbing the mind of audience. Shruthi looks good as the charming school girl in the romance. If not read, Shruthi must at least refer some pages from her father's book on things like How to speak Tamil? and How to cry? 

The movie ends with a slide saying, "Suicide is not the solution for Bipolar disorder". Yes it is not. MURDER IS!! Murder of the audience. While Ayshwarya read the books of her Brother in law on screen play at occasions, she took the art of story telling from her father. Remember Valli? Baba? The movie can very well be watched and understood very well by running in Fast Forward mode.

3 - Tripolar Disorder. One is story, Two is direction and Three is house full (fool?) audience. As every audience coming out asked, Why this Kolaveri?

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